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A jewel…


We would like to thank all those who allowed this to be kept charming building that now hides among the buildings of the hospital district that bears his name. Built in the twelfth century as a chapel of a mansion created by the Duke of Normandy Henry II, it later takes the name of Julian the Hospitaller, whose sanctity is related to the healing of a leper. After the abandonment of the manor by Henry, several religious communities succeed them until the Revolution. Fortunately, it is not destroyed, unlike Carthusian buildings close to it which belongs. The worship will be restored even in the 1850s and again in the first half of the twentieth century.
The Romanesque dominates in its construction, emphasized on the outside and inside with beautiful carved motifs; but above its Gothic vault decorated with paintings of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries that amazes the visitor. Around a Virgin in Majesty, the story of the birth and baptism of the Christ is described. High quality, this collection of more than 50 m2 has received extensive restoration campaign, with removal and installation, from the 1960s.

Practical InformationAddress : Rue de l’esplanade 76140 Petit-Quevilly
: +33(0)2 35 63 75 73
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Open :
Saturday from 2 p.m to 5 p.m (except holidays)
Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2p.m to 6p.m during exhibitions
Guided tours for groups on weekdays by reservation

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