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Around cloister garden


Installed in the seventeenth century around the Chapel Saint-Julien, the Carthusians began the construction of their new monastery at the end of the
century. The surface is considerable, Carthusian lifestyle imposing the construction of houses for each of the monks. It is difficult today in this highly urbanized outskirts of Rouen, to imagine the presence of this place of silence dedicated to a monastic life tougher. We need to find it in the heart of the town of Petit-Quevilly.
The surprise is waiting for you in the cloister garden. It was built recently on the site of the large cloister of the monastery. The beautiful classical layout of the two remaining walls is a measure of this vast space, whose poetic and contemporary furnishings, while evoking a monastic garden of medicinal herbs, also introduces the visitor through appropriate signage, history chartreuse and religious lifestyle.
Leaving the cloister garden, you must walk the side streets to catch a glimpse of ancient parts of the monastery, absorbed by the urban fabric : a recently restored cell in Victor Hugo Street, a noble street entrance pavilions in Ursin Scheid street…


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Discover the 3D reconstitution of the Chartreuse : clicking here.

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