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It is hidden in the heart of Verneuil-sur-Avre, one of the loveliest and oldest towns in Normandy, reputed for its rich heritage.

One arrives at the abbey after crossing through a large grassy expanse – the abbey’s old orchard, located between Notre Dame Church and the remains of the mediaeval town wall.

From its founding in the early 17th century , it housed a community of Benedictine nuns until the year 2001, when they left for Valmont Abbey in the Seine-Maritime department.

The buildings have an interesting variety of structures and styles, and they also bear the mark of the nuns’ craft and education activities: walls made of “grison” sandstone, painted brick decorations, half-timbered façades, the harmony of the neo-Romanesque cloister. You can still feel the presence of the nuns, as their living quarters have remained unchanged since their departure. Some places are particularly moving in this respect, such as the location of “Our Lady of the Staircase” or the Abbess’s parlour, whose walls are covered with amazing landscape paintings.

The preservation of this atmosphere will undoubtedly be one of the challenges in the projects undertaken in coming years to enhance the abbey. These projects could include the opening of a museum dedicated to the painter Vlaminck.

Practical InformationAddress : rue de la Place Notre-Dame 27130 Verneuil sur avre
: +33(0)2 32 32 17 17
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4€/individual pax. Free for children under 12.


Only with guided tours, on demand.


Office de Tourisme

129, place de la Madeleine

27130 Verneuil-sur-Avre

Tél : +33(0)2 32 32 17 17

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