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The origins of romanesque architecture in normandy

The abbey church of Notre-Dame de Bernay is the oldest surviving Romanesque church. Building work began around the year 1010, at the initiative of Judith, wife of Richard II of Normandy, and it continued until the end of the 11th century under the supervision of Guillaume de Volpiano, renowned abbot-builder of Saint-Bénigne in Dijon and instigator of the restoration of the Abbey of the Holy Trinity in Fécamp.

This treasure is located in the town centre, but it can be easily overlooked, since its exterior elements and its environment have been greatly changed. The façade was rebuilt in the 17th century, as were the cloister buildings, which currently house municipal offices and the town museum.

However, after entering, visitors are immediately impressed by the special atmosphere in the church, with its austere walls and its narrow openings. They must get used to the darkness, illuminated only by sparse artificial light; then, out of the shadows, details emerge, making Bernay an exceptional monument, with small twin openings separated by a little column, and several sets of capitals decorated with plant and animal motifs, one of which – highly rare – is signed “Izembardus”.

Practical InformationAddress : Abbaye de Bernay Musée des Beaux-Arts place Guillaume de Volpiano 27300 Bernay
: 02 32 46 63 23
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Reopening on July 1, 2020:
with the following times:
Weekly hours: 9 am-12pm / 2 pm-5pm,
Weekend hours: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Free access.

Mediation on demand during weekends.

Terms regarding visits:

- Groups limited to 9 visitors,

- Registration required,

- Reservation with the museum: 02 32 46 63 23,

- Price: € 2 (full price) and free for holders of the culture card,

- Payment by check or cash with supplement (to avoid currency manipulation),

- Meeting place: in front of the abbey,

- Wearing the mask requested for children over 11 years old.

The Museum of Fine Arts (former abbey home) remains closed until August 31 inclusive.

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Norman Abbeys

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