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A possession of Jumièges abbey in Pays d’Auge

From a short distance from Mézidon-Canon, along the road to Caen, lies the charming village of Ouézy. Former rural domain of the abbey of Jumièges, it became a priory in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, then a barony. It was composed of donations made to the famous abbey by owners close, Herbert de Mery, Roger de Cesny, or Rose d’Ouézy , this one gave to the abbey vineyards located in England. Wine is also an important production in Ouézy throughout the Middle Ages, the region being one of the land of Normandy famous for the vineyard until the seventeenth century.

The church of the municipality (Saint-Aubin church) is an interesting monument. The exterior wall of the choir, offers a rich carved decor, and a curious and rare figure of man asleep in a sculpture of the tympanum of the north door. We will notice inside the church the woodwork and an altarpiece of the seventeenth century. Behind the church, remains an old ruined building that belonged to the priory, as well as a mansion and farm buildings built in the late eighteenth century and mentioned in the annals of the abbey. These private places are open several times a year for Heritage Days or other local events.

Practical InformationAddress : 4 chemin des moulins 14270 ouézy
: +33(0)6 08 34 92 61 ou (0)6 81 89 90 46
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Free but an urn is available to visitors who can deposit what they want. The aim is to help restore the "Sleeping man" of the tympanum of main door and the altarpiece inside the church.


- Saint-Aubin church : from Easter to the Heritage Days every Thursday afternoon from 2:00p.m to 5:00p.m

- The Priory, private property: open during the Stones and Lights Festival in Calvados (May 18 for 2019) and Sunday of the Heritage Days

Saint Aubin church and the Priory can be visited on request for groups

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